Elzeard projects

Elzeard works on collaborative research projects with technical and research partners, to provide new services to the community.
La Serre des savoirs (the “Knowledge Greenhouse”) is a joint project with the MESCLUN collective that includes together the followings organisations INRAE, EDUCAGRI, FNAB, "l'Assemblée des Nous", AFAUP and ELZEARD, mainly involved in vegetable production activities. MESCLUN's main purpose is to promote the use of digital tools in this production sector.

To this end, we are carrying out a project to produce a common service, the Serre des Savoirs, intended to facilitate the spreading of information and knowledge resources, such as multimedia content, structured information, or documents. The Serre des Savoirs is a set of services delivered from a web portal designed to allow users to access the right resources for their context.

Two large areas will coexist: one for "knowledge and practical know-how" and the second is focused on "territories". The essence of La Serre des savoirs is to become a common asset for the entire sector, administered by the users themselves, with a desire to promote and better spread knowledge.

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La Serre des savoirs

Mesclun Durab/OFB

A second project, thought of as a diagnostic tool that can be used directly by producers, is being carried out in collaboration with Mesclun and other actors.

Its aim is to use simple indicators to analyse and monitor the real practices and their impact on the farm and its environment. The purpose is to help producers in their choices by providing information that will enable them to simulate their practices and see ahead of time the expected result.

Funded by the OFB, the project is scheduled to be achieved by the end of 2023 and is based on the work of Elzeard and the Mesclun collective.


Elzeard participates in the D2KAB research project conducted jointly with 10 laboratories and organisations including the LIRMM in Montpellier and INRAE.

D2KAB aims to put in place the process of transforming agronomy and biodiversity data into knowledge (semantically rich, interoperable, open) as well as the scientific methods and tools to exploit and spread this knowledge.

Elzeard is involved in modelling, data transformation and the implementation of a test on data from vegetable production.

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