Unit under development
The broadcast unit focuses on using the data collected from the crop and activities monitoring during interventions and on the whole crop monitoring. Its purpose is to use all the data provided to generate reports, along with documents related to the management of the farm.

Data uses and sharing

Major features

- Assessment generation (crops, plots)
- Management / historical comparison, monitoring dashboards
- Harvest dashboards
- Stock management with forecast and availability overview 
- Traceability documents by crop and plot
- Reservation and order management / delivery notes
- Data export: CSV and JSON
- Data flow by API (third party digital platform communication).

Specific features planned in development for community and partner work. This include :

  • Shared read access to one or a group of farms ;
  • Back-office sharing of Crop Routes ;
  • Sharing of planifications ;
  • An “aggregated” views of data set from several farms ;
  • Specific request of data to generate data flows and information ;
The producer cannot be considered as alone and isolated on his farm. He remains in contact with his suppliers, his advisors, his PO, as well as with his marketing channels (direct customers, platforms, distributors). On one hand, the reports and dashboards will help analysing his activity and its management, and on the other hand, the API and data flows will ease in answering to the regulatory or contractual requirements of the sector. Traceability is thus fully guaranteed.

Elzeard is firmly convinced that we are stronger when we work together as a network. Therefore, the features for group work will be developed to facilitate this sharing. Elzeard has established partnerships and collaborations in order to improve the sharing of experiences. The “Serre des Savoirs” project carried out with the MESCLUN collective is a concrete example of this vision.
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