Main features
The production and their technical itineraries chosen in the planning are used to set up all the crop sheets, areas map for the plot and the weekly plannings.
The cultivate module includes the features necessary for crop monitoring, organisation of activities on the farm, and data collection for operation traceability.

Crop management

- Listing current crops and crop series ;
- Task planning and forecasting ;
- Summary of the crop state and operations carried out ;
- Link to the ITK, plot view, fertilisation plan ;
- Tasks edition.
contains all the information on crop monitoring, tasks, work force and a summary of all operations in progress.

The crop sheet

is the management tool of the farm manager to drive people and tasks.
It lists all planned and overdue tasks per week in a Kanban view or listing view. It allows you to manage the assignment of tasks to people and their allocation to days.

The weekly planner

Web application

- Display and navigation :
Calendar view of the tasks,
Panels in list or in Kanban view
Filtering by team, plot, day, crop...
Status and time management;
Comments and printing.

- Assignment of tasks :
By batch, by day and by employee.

- Task control :
Edition : creating, updating, and validation
Harvest data collection and processing.

Mobile application

- Display and navigation :
Listing and monitoring tasks online
Task filtering (by team, plot, crop, status...)

- Task control :
Adding observations;
Input of harvesting and processing data
Time tracking and recording;

Creation, modification, and validation of task group

Offline mode

Discover the 2 other modules
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Planning unit
Follows a process from the customer and production needs to the crop rotation. The module generates all the cultural follow-up documents such as : schedules, culture records, weekly plans, etc.
Broadcast unit
Unit under development
enhances your information and data. Reports, histories, dashboards, data’s export, deliveries notes, catalogue and documents flows… Brings together functions to connect to your ecosystem.
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