Elzeard and its partners,
a link with the whole sector!

Since its creation, Elzeard has been convinced of the importance of partnerships and the connection with the different actors of the sector. We are convinced that alone we cannot succeed in carrying out our project in all its components!

Our distribution partners

  • Specialised in digital tools for the agricultural world, Agri Maker offers a whole suite of digital tools and services and will be supplying the Elzeard application via its digital shop. Agri Maker has been active in the market of digital applications dedicated to the agricultural world for several years.

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  • Educagri Editions, is a publishing house specialised in the production and distribution of digital content for agricultural education. As an Elzeard partner they are involved with us. Educagri will provide the "teaching" version of the Elzeard application to agricultural establishments. For any questions : ventes@elzeard.co

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  • Kuupanda offers a simple marketing tool for producers to sell directly and to distribute their products on marketplaces, forms, and the producer's website. Elzeard and Kuupanda will integrate their tools in 2022 with the aim of saving time and facilitating the work of producers. Finally, we are offering 2 months of free access to any customer of one of our applications who wishes to use the other. Contact us for more information : ventes@elzeard.co

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  • Microfarmap is a platform that brings together all the useful services for the development of farms in agroecology or permaculture. It includes a discussion forum, a reference library, a toolbox, etc. The platform also highlights the presence of public and private partners, a barter/purchase/sale area, and an e-commerce area for local and seasonal agricultural products for consumers. Microfarmap's ambition is to support project leaders and existing farms with technical, commercial, and financial assistance. Microfarmap supports and distributes the Elzeard application in Belgium.

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Our technical and business partners

  • We work closely with several INRAE laboratories that are involved in the notion of knowledge sharing, data models and plant production. Thus, we participate in various projects such as PACON (knowledge sharing, led by the SADAPT unit) and D2KAB (DATA TO KNOWLEDGE, led by the LIRMM and involving the TSCF unit of INRAE). We can cite the Mesclun Durab project, which aims to build a diagnostic tool for the sustainability of farms in market gardening.
  • The AFAUP is an association that aims to bring together urban agriculture professionals and to see the development of a multiform urban agriculture, both associative and entrepreneurial. Elzeard and AFAUP have been working together since our beginnings and on different projects. Elzeard is offering AFAUP members an exceptional price as a result of this collaboration. All the members can benefit from it by proving their AFAUP membership for 2022 or their renewal before the end of March 2023.
    Contact us for any information: ventes@elzeard.co
  • The MESCLUN collective brings together a group of agronomic research actors, as well as agricultural educational professionals, digital technologies, and IT specialists. We all work together to develop digital tools that are useful for sharing knowledge, designing, or redesigning and managing market garden farms from an agroecological and sustainability perspective. The actors involved include BIO OCCITANIE, INRAE, EDUCAGRI, L'AssemblĂ©e des Noues and AFAUP...
  • Over the past 50 years, the research station has been experimenting with new cultivation techniques and technological innovations. The topics covered include working conditions in market gardening (digital, robotics, loads, etc.), the varietal selection, use of plastics, comparative cultivation systems and sustainability.
    An agreement was signed on Elzeard use in the context of experimentations, on the application's evolution based on feedback and on the integration of technical itineraries focused on input reduction.
Other partnerships :

We work with several organisations, both around services, materials, and prevention in order to set up partnerships and concrete actions. The objective is always to improve the daily life of producers, to generate more value and to extend the services offered ; whether it be to:
  • Connect additional and complementary data useful for the farm management
  • Integrate additional technical resources
  • Dialogue with logistics platforms
  • Improve traceability services…
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