The "Planning Unit" allows you to schedule production and your activities over the whole season(s). It unfolds the planning process from the identification of your marketing needs and your production wishes, to the crop rotation.

Crop Planning Management

Key features
- Management of the planned vegetable list and multiple plans (creating, deleting, updating)
- Link an ITK (crop route) to a production to take in account all specifics technical activities for a culture purpose
- Assistance with crop rotation.
The planning process can be carried out in several stages, from the most general to the most accurate. It is built around the desired production, the demands, and the needs of the customers.
- Forecast by type of sale (shipments, market, baskets, direct sales, etc.);
- Definition of volume per channel, customer, culture / variety and by week.
Defined by sales channels, customers, and plot areas.

Production forecasts

- Definition of areas wishes by culture and variety ;
- From the requirements, the surfaces are automatically projected on the planning by week;
- Suggested harvest dateline from the linked ITK;
- Modification of planting or harvesting dates;
- Proposal of additional series.
and definition of series.

Production surface : calculations, adjustments

- Use of rotation criteria and rules (available space, crop succession, irrigation, and other rules to come) ;
- Drag and drop from the list into the space ;
- Possibility of positioning various crops in the same cultivation beds ;
- Temporal visualisation of space occupation.
The interface highlights the occupied or free plots to a better view of the available areas.
generates the crop schedule for the upcoming seasons.

The activation of your crop rotation

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